Check Out the International Food Truck Love at the H2O Music Festival This Saturday

Pitbull and a Tribe Called Quest join forces with Roy Choi and Gourmet Genie.

Univison’s H2O Music Festival featuring A Tribe Called Quest and Pitbull, will shake and grind the Los Angeles State Historic Park this Saturday, August, 17.

Univision is chasing after the “Sleeping Giant”—English-speaking Latinos in the U.S.—with their new Fusion Network, and events like the H2O Music Festival. Yes, English-Speaking, U.S. born Latinos, known as pochos in the Mexican community, love them some Pitbull. The salsa-rapper is a restaurateur in his own right as owner of Miami Subs Grill.

This audience is just as comfortable dancing at a banda club as they are going on a gourmet food truck crawl at DTLA’s Art Walk. Instead of a traditional Latin-American menu, H2O is rolling out an international fleet of some of the most popular gourmet food trucks: Border Grill truck, Gourmet Genie, Smokin’ Willie’s, No Jodas (not f*#&ing around), and the papi chulo himself, Chef Roy Choi and his street food rebelution, the Kogi truck.

The H2O Music Festival promises to deliver a downpour of the new Latino culture of food and music, or as Pitbull and Marc Anthony put it, ”Latin is the new majority, ya tú sabe, Next step la Casablanca…ay ay ay, let it rain over me.” H2O Music Festival, Los Angeles State Historic Park, Downtown L.A., Saturday, August 17, from 3 p.m. to midnight. Tickets are $45 for general admission, and $105 for VIP.