Tel Aviv Grill Is Perfecting the Build-It-Yourself Shawarma Game

And $7 for a falafel pita is a hard deal to pass up

Chipotle might have popularized the build-it-yourself model, but it was perfected in the Levant centuries ago. At Tel Aviv Grill your shawarma can be shaved from a spit and wrapped in pita quicker than you can say “schnitzel.” Speed is a necessity: The strip mall shop is among the busiest of the many kosher restaurants that dot Ventura Boulevard in Tarzana. Step up to the counter and a tong-wielding Israeli gentleman fills your warm pita or laffa sandwich with copious salads, sauces, and sides. Cabbage slaw? Hummus? French fries? Just say yes.

Hot Deal: Add a splash of zhug, a bright green hot sauce, and spicy hummus to your falafel pita ($7). It’s a sharp retort to anyone who thinks vegetarian equals boring.

Try This: The juicy chicken shawarma sliced fresh and enveloped in laffa ($12) is proof you’re on the right side of the hill.