Cheap Eats: Smoke’s Poutinerie Offers Deep-Fried Canadian Comfort Food

Gravy, cheese curds, and fries for $5? We’re in

If you’ve yet to experience poutine—Canada’s comforting combo of fries, gravy, and cheese curds—you’re in for a treat (and a calorie coma). Smoke’s Poutinerie, a flannel-themed Toronto chain with an ’80s hair metal soundtrack, has turned dolling up french fries into an art form. Open until 4 a.m., Smoke’s concocts 20-plus versions of our northern neighbor’s drinking food, with toppings that include everything from nacho cheese to chili to double-smoked bacon. It’s exactly the kind of lumberjack-worthy meal you need after the bars close.

Hot Deal: The snack-size traditional poutine ($5)—served in a plaid takeout container—is large enough to satisfy and small enough to avoid heart stoppage. The triple gut punch of golden brown fries, gravy, and gooey Quebec cheese curds shows why this dish has achieved cultural infamy.

Try This: Vegetarians can scarf down a jumbo Rainbow Poutine ($9), with lashings of guacamole, sriracha, sour cream, cheese sauce, and those squeaky little cheese curds. Not bad, eh?

Smoke’s Poutinerie, 1552 N. Cahuenga Blvd., 323-745-0267 or