Cheap Eats: Golden Mongolian Goes Beyond Stir-Fry

Soft-boiled dumplings will make you feel prosperous

For most of us, Mongolian cuisine evokes memories of the mall food court. But at Golden Mongolian (say that three times fast), the hearty cuisine of China’s windswept northern neighbor receives an overdue turn in the spotlight. Ignore the oddly tacked-on selection of sushi rolls and stick to what the “Texas of Asia” does best: lamb, noodles, and fried dough.

Hot Deal: Share the wonderfully chewy hand-cut noodles known as tsuivan ($9), stir-fried with bits of beef and chopped peppers, or the platter of soft-boiled dumplings ($6.75), served with a dollop of sour cream—a nod to Mongolia’s Russian border.

Try This: Defrost with a warming mug of milk tea ($1.50) sharpened with a sprinkle of sea salt, and the spiced lamb soup ($9.50), served with fried bread and packing all the restorative powers of high-octane pho broth.

redarrow Golden Mongolian Restaurant, 3012 Wilshire Blvd., Los Angeles, 213-263-2141