Cheap Eats Friday: Icy Silver Lake’s Hawaiian Shave Ice

Cool off with this hidden gem in the back of a Silver Lake convenience store

Sqirl, the infinitely charming and versatile café that came in at No. 7 on our 75 Best Restaurants list this year, offers no shortage of delicious items—the hard part is usually choosing which to order. But after a recent meal there, I began to crave one thing they don’t have on their menu quite yet: ice cream. Luckily, a quick Yelp search revealed a brand new shaved ice join just a few blocks north. Hallelujah.

It was there I came upon the Icy Silver Lake, a small deli counter hidden in the back of Ensenada that specializes in fluffy Hawaiian-style shave ice, the perfect cure for a hot day. Behind shelves of inflatable kiddie pools and picnic supplies, you’ll find a counter that offers a more refreshing way to beat the summer heat thanks to a large electric shaved ice machine.

You choose a combination from over 20 different flavors—guava, tamarind, pineapple, mango, grape, cotton candy, blue Hawaiian or Hawaiian punch—pair it with vanilla soft serve or chewy mochi bits, then topped it off with a heavy drizzle of condensed milk. It’s less sweet than it sounds, and totally invigorating.

There are even a few special combinations, like the El Diablito, made with tamarind, lemon, chamoy, and Taijin seasoning, or the Pineapple Express made with coconut and pineapple. A small size costs $2, while the absolutely gargantuan large size only costs $4.50. The shop is popular with nearby high school students, so expect a line when classes get out, but otherwise this shaved ice dispensary offers the perfect cool enclave on a hot day.

redarrow Icy Silver Lake at Ensenada Market, 900 N. Virgil Ave., Silver Lake, 424-263-1088