Cheap Eats Friday: Conveyor Belt Sushi at Marinepolis Sushi Land

Glendale nets a new Japanese chain specializing in mobilized sushi

Maybe it’s the rock-bottom prices, but there’s something about kaiten sushi—better known as conveyor belt sushi—that’s tough to resist.

Extremely popular in Japan, the handful of quick-service conveyor belt sushi places that have opened stateside don’t always feature the high quality fish and rice you’d expect in Tokyo, but they still remain a pretty satisfying deal if you keep your expectations in check.

One Japanese chain in particular, with numerous locations around Seattle and Portland, recently opened shop near the Glendale Galeria: Marinepolis SushilandThe concept here is simple: Grab a seat along the counter and grab as many plate as you’d like from the rotating belt, while sushi chefs prepare orders in the center of the room. Plates are sorted by color, and range from $1-$3 each.

Gzoya? $1 Salmon Skill Rolls? $1 Scallop? $2 Spicy Tuna? $2. It’s possible to eat until you’re stuffed the gills at Sushiland and still spend less than $15 per person. Some of the fish isn’t of top notch, but it’s all very edible (and safe) and rather tasty.

The most shocking discovery of the day was two pieces of fresh uni gunkan sushi for $3. Now that’s a sea urchin bargain! Protip: Ask the sushi chefs to make anything you don’t see on the belt fresh. And if you want to do things KazuNori style (but on a budget) they’ll glady make any fish into a fatty handroll.

Move over Kula, L.A. just got a new favorite kaiten sushi joint. Sushiland, 16 S. Maryland Ave., Glendale, 818-543-0200