Tofu Gets the Korean Fried Chicken Treatment at Eko Eats

This downtown newcomer is slinging all kinds of tasty, cheap grub

Let’s be honest: Tofu wasn’t designed to be delicious. It takes serious wizardry to transform the bland bean curd into something craveable. Judy Han, a Lucques alum who helped make Mendocino Farms what it is today, possesses such powers. At her new restaurant, Eko Eats, strips of firm marinated tofu get the Korean fried chicken treatment, encased in a crackling shell that’s glazed with sweet-hot tanginess.

You’ll find it crowning a big bowl of leafy greens and organic brown rice, but it’s good enough as a solo snack. If you want actual fried chicken, Han’s version holds up to anything in Koreatown and features poultry sourced from a small local farm that makes a difference, especially in the fortifying (and on-trend) chicken bone broth.

Hot Deal: With steamed organic rice, ten vegetables (from lotus root to seaweed), and a side of crispy tofu or chicken, the bibimbap ($11.85) is a meal times two.

Try This: The chicken jook, a comforting rice porridge made with rich chicken stock and topped with tamari-glazed chicken ($8.95), will knock your cold back to Seoul.

630 W. 6th St., 213-622-1616 or