Cheap Eats: Chef’s Picks


theessentials_masa_tSang Yoon of Lukshon, Father’s Office
“At Mitsuwa Market’s Santouka Ramen, for about ten bucks you get the privilege of having lunch inside a super-market. The counters are shaped like elephant tusks—it’s rough trying to eat at the pointy end. But the steaming hot bowl of spicy, earthy miso ramen makes you forget your surroundings.” » 3760 S. Centinela Ave. West L.A. 310-391-1101. 




theessentials_masa_tJoe Miller of Joe’s Restaurant
“I like to take my daughter to C&O Trattoria by the Venice Pier, where we order appetizers, a ravioli plate, a salad, or some antipasto. It’s rustic and delicious.” » 31 Washington Blvd. Marina del Rey 310-823-9491. 



theessentials_masa_tMark Gold of Eva Restaurant
“I love Chick-fil-A in Hollywood. You can’t beat the simplicity of these beautiful sandwiches: a soft bun and two pickles—so simple yet so good!” » 6750 W. Sunset Blvd. Hollywood 323-464-2455. 



theessentials_masa_tKaren Hatfield of  Hatfield’s
“L.A. has a huge Thai community, and Pailin Thai Cuisine is my favorite Thai restaurant. I love the pad see ew—the large, wide pan-fried noodles are by far the best noodle dish on the menu.” » 5621 Hollywood Blvd. Hollywood 323-467-6775. 




theessentials_masa_tJeremy Berlin of Church & State
“After work, I head to Cole’s downtown for a French dip, Cole’s Slaw, and fries. For under $15 you have a terrific meal and are set for the night.” » 118 E. 6th St. Downtown 213-622-4090.



Illustrations by Todd Detwiler


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