Chasing the AmeriCone Dream

Stephen Colbert and Ben and Jerry’s celebrate seven years by going non-GMO

Known for its witty political satire, Comedy Central’s late night show The Colbert Report boasts a host with good taste. On Valentine’s Day in 2007, the star of the show, Stephen Colbert, teamed up with Ben and Jerry’s to introduce America to the AmeriCone Dream. The caramel swirled vanilla ice cream chunked with pieces of chocolate-coated waffle cone is now one of the company’s most popular flavors.

This year, AmeriCone Dream will be added to the list of Ben and Jerry’s ice creams that are entirely non-genetically modified. Aside from being the muse for this best seller, Colbert has been donating 100% of his proceeds to the Stephen Colbert AmeriCone Dream Fund, which supports children’s causes, veterans’s efforts, and the environment, grossing over one million dollars in charity dollars. So if you’re feeling guilty about consuming an entire pint of the AmeriCone Dream while watching The Colbert Report, well, don’t.