Chasing Filipino Pork Tacos to the White Rabbit Café

Where taco meets tocino

If there’s one type of meat that Filipino cuisine can’t go without, it’s pork. Dishes like tocino, with it’s cured, sweet chunks of charred pork shoulder, or sizzling sisig, consisting of pork face, belly, and other odd bits, or longanisa hamonado, which is a pork sausage that’s so sweet it’s practically confectionary, are all pig-centric Filipino favorites that showcase the influence of the Philippines’ Spanish colonial days as well as the country’s regional neighbors.

Is it merely coincidence, then, that all of these porky delights fit snugly into a warm corn tortilla? We think not. Canoga Park’s White Rabbit Café, also known for its food trucks, offers classic Filipino-style pork dishes in handy taco form.

With crispy, sweet, and savory bits of pork shoulder, the slightly spicy tocino taco tastes right at home in a steamy corn wrapper. While the sisig in the sisig taco isn’t quite the traditional version—it subs pork belly for the usual pig face—the spices and dominating sourness are right on. Sweet and moist, the loose, longanisa sausage taco is riddled with chunks of flavorful fat, and is the closest I’ve come to eating a candy taco.

White Rabbit’s Filipino fusion tacos are a refreshing change of pace for the Mexican snack. As soon as they offer an actual white rabbit taco I’ll be hopping back for more.

White Rabbit Café, 8316 Winnetka Ave, Canoga Park