CBS Baking Show Casting Call: Saturday at Chefs Inc. in West L.A.


It looks as though the big TV networks are hoping to capitalize on the cooking show zeitgeist that’s taking over the waves. The creatively named CBS Baking Show is currently casting for their first season, with an open call at Chefs, Inc. in West L.A. this Saturday.

While we always hope these things won’t suck, we’re a little leery that the production company behind it (the UK’s Love Productions) looks to simply be repackaging The Great British Bake Off show that they created.

A look through their Web site tells us that they specialize in “thought-provoking, entertaining television.” Oh, like your other shows that sound more like titles to recurring episodes on Maury? Just to name a few: Famous, Rich, and Homeless, Young, Autistic, & Stagestruck, Underage and Having Sex, I Want My Dad Back, and Britain’s Youngest Grannies

That said, as with our other food TV casting call posts, we’re throwing it out to you in the hopes that the most talented of our illustrious readers would apply and trump any douchebaggery that might otherwise be forced upon our rightfully skeptical eyeballs.

CBS Baking Show casting call | Saturday, December 1 | 11 a.m. to 4 p.m.
Chefs Inc., 10955 W Pico Blvd., Los Angeles

If you can’t attend, video auditions and applications are being accepted online through December 15.

Image courtesy CBS Baking Show