Caviar's Perfect Mate

Carnivore lifestyle got your food pyramid tipping over? With Meatless Mondays at Tender Greens perhaps you’ll find some needed balance. Starting this Monday, August 16th, on top of its regular herbivore-friendly fare, the restaurant chain will be offering vegan and vegetarian options to help wean us off our usual farm animal smorgasbords. Don’t expect any shenanigans either—no processed fake meats are on the menu (Sorry, Tofurkey is off the table).  If it doesn’t come from the soil, you won’t find it on these plates.

Some items to graze upon:
Roasted white corn chowder with crispy organic okra
Organic peppers stuffed with Himalayan rice, warm baby Swiss chard and toasted garlic salad
House-made ricotta gnocchi with blistered Scarborough cherry tomatoes, Hollywood Farmers Market Summer squash, and purple basil

The meatless menus will be available at the West Hollywood, Hollywood and Culver City locations.