Carmela Ice Cream Hates Your New Year's Resolution



We are less than a week into our Better Living in 2011 pledge and already that wagon is going off-road—right through a big puddle of hot fudge. (In truth, our only New Year’s resolution has to do with watching less E!) On Monday, January 10, Best of L.A.  winner Carmela Ice Cream  is opening its first-ever storefront in Pasadena. It was a scoop of salted caramel that led us to pick the artisanal dessert makers as the best local ice-cream company in 2009. But until now, co-owners Zachary Cox and Jessica Mortariotti have only been selling their unique flavors—many made with organic ingredients grown by the folks at Silver Lake Farms —at farmers markets and a few select retailers. The new shop comes just in time, too. A single scoop of lavender honey or brown-sugar vanilla bean has become a Sunday, Hollywood Farmer’s Market ritual. With that whole operation on the rocks we worried about getting our full-fat dairy fix in the future. Silly us. And Happy New Year.

Carmela Ice Cream
2495 E Washington Blvd.
Pasadena, CA