Candyland: Sockerbit, a Swedish Candy Shop, Hits West Third This Month

Two dozen types of licorice, baby banana marshmallows, and gummies galore!

Sockerbit, a Swedish candy store with a location in New York, opens its first West Coast retail outlet in Beverly Grove this month. Decor will be minimalist (white, clean lines) while candy selection will be maximalist.

The Swedes like their licorice, and so Sockerbit will be stocking over two dozen types: from one that incorporates caramel and marshmallow to a chocolate variety to licorice stamped into coins, which is said to bring good luck to the recipient. Candies will be available in pre-packaged boxes, bags, and tins as well as in bins and sold by the ounce.

Marshmallows come in all shapes and sizes at Sockerbit. There’s a miniature fruit mix with baby banana marshmallows (that taste like bananas) and chocolate-covered marshmallow bears. Gummies, sour gummies, nougat, fudge, slow-melting hard candies, and chocolate-nut clusters are all also coming soon to L.A.’s newest Swedish import. Sockerbit, 7922 W. 3rd St. Beverly Grove,