You Can Now Get a Bouquet of Ice Cream Because There’s Still Some Good in the World

Flowers are overrated anyway

We’ve all been indecisive in an ice cream shop, staring at a wall of flavors, finally selecting just one or two, and then forever wondering what could have been. But that’s a thing of the past at DTLA’s Gresescent Ice Cream, where you can now order a whole “bouquet” of ice cream flavors. Their waffle cone can fit up to ten—we repeat, TEN—tiny scoops of ice cream. Because life is short and making choices is hard.

Gresescent (which means “delightfully thick, creamy, and vanishingly dense,” according to their website) offers 25 different flavors, including blackberry mint mojito, raspberry Nutella, and citrus sugar cookie.

I mean, come on.