Cake Monkey Will Soon Be Sweetening Up Beverly Boulevard

Yo-Hos and Cakewiches and Pop Tarts right this way

If you’ve ever grabbed a couple of Yo-Hos with your vino at Silver Lake Wine, snacked on a Cakewich at Caffe Vita, or someone has graciously gave you a tiny tiered chocolate cake doused in salted caramel, you’ve had some of the completely addictive sweets from Cake Monkey Bakery. Soon you’ll be able to pick those up and so much more at the new Cake Monkey retail shop, coming to Beverly Boulevard this fall.

This location, a few blocks east of Fairfax—fast becoming a sweet tooth’s mecca with ICDC, Sweet Rose Creamery, Milk, and more nearby—is a homecoming of sorts for pastry chef and Cake Monkey co-founder Elizabeth Belkind. After working with a pastry dream-team at Campanile, she garnered praise at Neal and Amy Knoll Fraser’s Grace restaurant (now Petty Cash Taqueria), where she made Wednesday Doughnut Nights the perfect remedy for a mid-week slump.

Belkind teamed up with Lisa J. Olin around 2009 to create Cake Monkey, a custom-order and wholesale bakery located in a rather nondescript building in North Hollywood. And like a candy-coated wildfire, their twists on childhood treats like Ho Hos, Ding Dongs, and Pop-Tarts made their way around town.

The mini tiered cakes are wildly addictive—it’s not hard to believe any one person would demolish a whole cake in one sitting (or so we’ve heard). And things like raspberry red velvet and banana cake with toffee crunch and milk chocolate buttercream make damn fine whole cakes, too. We once gave Thomas Keller a bite of the brown-butter chocolate cake layered with rich, dark chocolate buttercream and crunchy Valrohona chocolate pearls at an event and watched his eyes light up. It’s that good. Having any of this at your fingertips, without having to call ahead and order, feels like the dessert lottery.

According to Olin, the new shop will be take-out only (no room for seating), and will carry everything we love about Cake Monkey: mini and full-size layer cakes, pies, retro snack treats, and fresh-baked croissants and breakfast pastries. There will be some new items, maybe their version of Twinkies and Hostess Cupcakes, plus some gluten-free options and a coffee program.

“Elizabeth and I are beyond elated to have a retail shop where our customers can finally get their favorite treats whenever they want,” Olin says. “No need to order in advance any longer! And we love this part of town and always wanted to be on Beverly Boulevard. Everything just all came together at the right time!” The production kitchen will remain in North Hollywood, and the e-commerce business isn’t going anywhere.

Look for a Cake Monkey debut at 7807 Beverly Boulevard around October.