Buy Me: Taste Book


This super-gift idea came my way several month’s back, but I didn’t pay it much attention until I found myself desperate for a Christmas present for my sister this week. (Warning: if you are my sister, stop reading now.) allows you to custom make your own cookbook—not all that revolutionary in itself, I’ll admit. But they have partnered with other recipe sites like, and, which means you can use their recipes as well as upload your own.

 For instance, my secret special lasagna is, in actuality, the smoked cheese and sausage lasagna from Epicurious (shhhh). So, for my sister, I was able to easily incorporate that recipe into my book, as well as recipes for my own original black bean soup, my mom’s matzo ball soup, and a dozen or so others to create the ultimate sister cookbook. The price includes 25 recipes, but I only used 15, which means that at my sister and I can make new recipes at any time that will be printed and shipped to us to put in the book, which opens like a binder.

 The best part may be the design, though. There images available for the cover are gorgeous feats of food porn, yours for the picking. The binder format includes thick dividers for organization and allows you to add more recipes at will. And the easy template makes it a cinch to take my aunt’s scribbled pumpkin bread recipe and make it look professional.

 Throw in a sappy dedication page with a photo of my sis and I, and honestly, I’ve impressed even myself. All this for $19.95. And there’s still time to order in time for Christmas. Hop to it!