These Butcher How-To Videos Are Beautiful, Grotesque, and Completely Mesmerizing

Ex-Belcampo butcher Jered Standing (he’ll have his own shop soon) has some informative albeit horrifying demo vids

If you ever went to Belcampo DTLA before March of this year, you would know Jered Standing can cut up animal parts like nobody’s business. And if you go to his upcoming new spot (location and timing yet to be determined), you’ll continue to know that he can cut up animal parts like nobody’s business.

But are you familiar with his film pedigree? Or how about his sound editing work? Have you heard the way he can uniquely and oh-so grotesquely capture the popping noise a chicken’s thigh joint makes when it cracks in half? Because I have, and it’s awesome. I spent my day on Standing’s blog Mallet and Cleaver being absolutely horrified, entertained, and educated watching him break down a chicken and turn short ribs to big-ass meat lollipops. And you should too. Make sure to turn your sound up. Like, ALLLL the way up.