Burgers Never Say Die Workers Report ‘Daily’ Abuse by Anti-Mask Customers

The popular Silver Lake restaurant is the latest local business to respond to mistreatment of employees

Another local business has felt forced to publicly clarify that customers who refuse to wear masks and act aggressively toward staff about the matter will not be tolerated. In a statement posted on Instagram, Burgers Never Say Die detailed abuse that workers have been subjected to by patrons flouting mask requirements, and made plain that the behavior is not acceptable.

“We are tired of the daily verbal abuse and threats of physical violence against our staff from some people visiting our shop,” the business posted on Instagram.

The statement references multiple altercations between customers and workers, the use of abusive language and slurs, even the throwing of tables by individuals enraged by being denied service for failing to comply with mask rules.

Photographs of four different, specific incidents of aggressive actions by customers. In one, Burgers Never Say Die reports that the individual called the staff “Left wing liberals” before slamming a table into the store at them.

“If you don’t understand the importance of wearing a mask when in public, or the idea of common courtesy, being kind, being respectful, or being mindful of the people around you during a world-wide pandemic, then please don’t visit our shop,” the post reads. “Because we do care about those things.”

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