Well, you can take the Highland Park out of the gastropub, but sometimes it comes crawling back in anyway.

Our style editor Laurie Pike was at the York in Highland Park last night when someone at the end of the bar started waving frantically to get her attention. She tried to ignore her, when finally someone said to her loudly, “STEP AWAY FROM THE BAR!” The culprit: A three-inch long cockroach hitching a ride on her no-doubt very fashionable purse.

This is not a critique of the York—I friggin’ love that place—and a friendly staffer quickly rushed over to “dispose” of it. (Laurie was laughing so hard she didn’t notice the bug’s ultimate fate.) But I just love stories like this. I’ve spotted various critters sneaking in for a snack at even L.A.’s finest restaurants. Once, at Cliff’s Edge in Silver Lake, a spider dropped right off the tree and onto my companion’s polenta with mushrooms. It’s all just part of dining in some of the city’s more historic spaces, and really, we should all loosen up about it.

As for the York, they said: “That’s what happens when you have an exposed ceiling.” Indeed. Heck, for cask ales, we’ll take a rattlesnake.