“Brown Drink” Is Starbucks’ Newest Mega-Popular Secret Menu Item

People are calling it the definitive brown secret menu drink of the summer

When the Starbucks secret menu item “Pink Drink” blew up on social media, we were all like, “Whaaaat?”

And when “Purple Drink”—blackberries and coconut milk, not promethazine and Sprite—dropped, we collectively said, “No way! Can drinks even, like, be purple??”

By the time “Orange Drink” ravaged the internet, leaving a slime trail of mango puree and Instagram likes in its wake, we did a spit take of our now-stupid Purple Drinks and went, “Woahhhhhhh! How is Starbucks able to so fluidly manipulate the light spectrum and create new colors out of nothingness? How do you even pronounce ‘orange’? Is it a soft ‘G’ like in ‘gif,’ or a hard ‘G’ like in ‘gif’?”

But now, Starbucks newest super crazy megaviral secret menu item is even more secret super mega viral crazy or whatever than anything we’ve ever seen before. They combined all the colors of the rainbow to make #BrownDrink.

I know, right? Why are you drinking all those colors by themselves, when you could combine them all into one vibrantly ‘stagrammable cocktail? And people all over the world have already started #BreakingTheInternet with their super cool photos of #BrownDrink.

@starbucks finally managed to produce something good. #browndrink #starbuckssecretmenu

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So excited to discover the new #Starbuckssecretmenu #browndrink

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omg. @starbucks new secret menu #browndrink is INSANE #love #starbuckssecretmenu

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The taste of summer?? #browndrink

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#BrownDrink ranges in price and preparation depending on how super crazy fun megaviral you want to be. You can get a small standard iced brown drink for $2.25, or, if you’re a #StarbucksSecretMenuBaller, just ask your barista for a venti macchiato (pronounced mah-KEE-ah-toh) brown drink with extra whip and caramel drizzle (they’ll know what it means). #BrownDrink might taste bitter at first, but if you throw a bunch of cream and sugar into it and top the cup with a donut and chase it with a couple of cake pops, it’s palatable.

Even though we’re just hearing about #BrownDrink for the first time, the crazy thing is, people have been drinking this stuff all around the world for roughly a thousand years. Apparently, Yemeni traders brought the first #BrownDrink beans to their homeland from Ethiopia in the 11th century, where local artisans learned to brew it into a kind of medicinal tincture. But there was no Instagram back then, so DGAF lol.