Jucy Lucys, Foie Gras Burgers, and Beef-Fat Fries at Cassell’s Hamburgers

Chef Christian Page takes on an entire steer and serves burgers from every cut

National Burger Month is also over, and it’s coming to a crescendo Thursday. That’s when Christian Page will be serving an entire steer at Cassell’s Hamburgers for an event being dubbed Whole Steer Burger Grind—in an ultimate display of butchery, the chef  has broken down an enormous, 739-pound hunk of meat and will be grinding every cut (with Cassell’s vintage Hobart meat grinder, we presume) into burgers.

The menu, which will be available starting at 5:00 p.m., will include burgers composed of skirt steak and eggs, ribeye and Mimolette cheese, and top sirloin with beef belly and torchon of foie gras. Chicken-fried steak will be served on a cheddar-chive biscuit and topped with mushroom gravy, and there will even be a Jucy Lucy (the patty is stuffed with cheese before cooking) on hand.

It took Page and his team two entire days to butcher the steer, which was aged for 21 days before that. He expects the grinding will take at least half a day and produce up to 600 lbs. of beef.

Tomorrow night’s menu will also include plenty of sides, like heirloom tomato salad with burrata and watermelon as well as beef-fat fries. They’ll be launching a new selection of beer on tap and wine, too, along with a beef-broth bloody mary derivative called Bloody Bulls.

redarrow Cassell’s Hamburgers, 3600 W. Sixth St., 213-387-5502. Whole Steer Burger Grind takes place Thursday, May 28 and goes from 5:00 p.m. ’til closing.