Bowled Over: The Dish on L.A. Artist Rami Kim

Take your berries and salt to the next level with these whimsical pieces

If you’re resolving to up your antioxidant consumption in 2015, Rami Kim’s whimsical berry serving bowls might be just the inspiration you need. If you’re looking to lower your sodium intake, don’t even glance at her salt dishes.

An L.A.-based artist, Kim creates charming, playful dishware with purpose — those berry bowls feature handy holes for washing and straining, and her multi-use cups can work for sipping tea or as a planter. All of her pieces are handmade, limited-edition, and often feature a raven-haired woman. When asked why the face is a recurring motif in her work, Kim replies, “I don’t really know, and I want to know it, too!” But if her musings are hard to pinpoint, the artist’s desire to make her work as useful as it is visually interesting is more defined.

“I never planned on making kitchen items, but my work is pretty sculptural,” says Kim, who loves to cook. “I was interested in making things that are functional, but at the same time, they can be also art pieces when they are not in use.”

Born in Seoul, Kim came to the United States when she was 16, and she credits much of her initial arts training to her high school in Natick, Mass., where she first began to dabble in photography, sculpture, painting, drawing, and ceramics. She eventually moved to L.A. to study animation at CalArts, working as a background painter after graduation, and crafting her own art during off hours.

“I’ve always dreamed of becoming a full-time artist one day,” Kim says.

Kim’s animation work has garnered multiple awards (she had a short funded by a Matt Groening Fellowship this year), and she says her stop-motion talents, specifically, have played a big role in her ceramics crafting by helping her think differently to create “interesting moments” with her pieces.

This year, Kim has begun selling her dishes and housewares on her online shop. Her most popular pieces are from her “Buried Under the Snow” series (various sets are $78), which come complete with matching spoons — your artisanal salts will never look better.

You can visit Rami Kim’s website, which features her online shop and other works.