This Creamy Truffle Ramen Should Be on Your Food Bucket List

JINYA in Studio City continues on the noodle innovation warpath

The mastermind who Chipotle-fied ramen in Hollywood is once again taking things to the next level. Ramen burritos? Nope—that’s old news. He’s throwing a bunch of truffles on it.

At JINYA Ramen Bar, which is located in a Studio City strip mall, noodle hounds can now get their hands on the creamy Truffle Splash—a decadent bowl of ramen that’s better suited for the soon-to-be-hellishly-hot L.A. weather than a steaming bowl of tonkatsu. Though it’s still undoubtedly a heavy meal, you won’t exactly be sweating into a pool of broth; this dish has just a single ladle of rich, umami-filled soup underneath a hearty helping of thick and springy noodles.

But it’s the toppings that make this Japanese noodle dish unique. The main attraction is the black-and-white truffle shavings that rest atop of the bowl, and the flavor is rounded out by the accompanying minced mushrooms. There are fatty, melt-in-your-mouth slices of pork chashu, and the noodles get an additional dose of non-traditional ingredients like Brussels sprouts, melted cheese, and minced onions. Oh, and there’s a raw egg in it, just like in carbonara. It sounds crazy, but it works. 

JINYA Ramen Bar’s founder-CEO Tomonori Takahashi does truffles justice in his creation, which is only available at his Studio City location for $24. (In the words of Tom Haverford, “Treat. Yo. Self.”) The ritzy fungus is definitely the dominant flavor, but it doesn’t overpower the dish and is actually well-balanced unlike some other places that drown their food in truffle oil. And who doesn’t like an excuse to cover your food with gooey cheese?

This dish is just in its trial phase at this location, but may expand to the other JINYA Ramen outposts in the near future. If opulent ramen isn’t your jam, the Studio City shop also has a new and slightly healthier kale and chicken ramen. It just so happens that the kale is battered and deep-fried, but vegetables make it healthy, right?

JINYA Ramen Bar, 11239 Ventura Blvd., Studio City, (818) 980-3977 or