Black Hogg Reopens Tonight with New Concept, ROOTS

Eric Park’s new menu is an ode to his past, featuring whole fried fish, veggie crudite, and fermented bean curd

In a chef’s world, there is often little time to reflect. Cooks are constantly moving forward with that night’s dinner or tomorrow’s preparation for the following service. The week-and-a-half in which Silver Lake’s Black Hogg closed for some interior design adjustments (including counter tiles, shelf space, hanging Edison bulbs, and a paint job) allowed chef Eric Park some precious, introspective moments regarding his culinary past. Reinvigorated from the temporary pause, Park will reveal a new concept called ROOTS at Black Hogg, which reopens tonight at 6 p.m.

The re-tooled menu will give diners an intimate look at the Korean, Mexican, and contemporary American influences that shaped the L.A.-born chef’s time growing up in Los Angeles, where the funk of fermentation and aroma of sizzling asada existed in close proximity.

“When I was growing up, our apartment building posted a sign that read PLEASE BE CONSIDERATE OF YOUR NEIGHBORS AND DO NOT COOK STRONG SMELLING FISH IN YOUR APARTMENT,” said Park in a statement. “Obviously, we were not living in the middle of Koreatown.”

Expect things to get a little funky: New additions include dishes like short rib tendon with horseradish and salsa verde, grilled octopus skewers with gochujang, pork belly burnt end bossam with housemade kimchi, whole fried fish with fish sauce chimmichuri, and root vegetable crudites. And burger fans fear not — Park’s Bone Marrow Burger will remain on the menu, although this time only ten orders will be available from the hours of 6 p.m. to 7 p.m.

Black Hogg, 2852 Sunset Blvd., Silver Lake,