Black as Midnight on a Moonless Night


For years now we’ve listened to David Lynch give the morning weather report on Indie 103.1 FM (if you haven’t, you should) during which he occasionally urges listeners to check out his signature coffee. Wait—back up. David Lynch makes coffee? Indeed!

This week we finally motivated enough to order a tin of David Lynch’s Signature Cup Organic House Roast. Our verdict? As Twin Peaks‘s Agent Cooper once said: “Damn good cup of coffee, and HOT!”

Actually, it’s a pretty standard medium roast, easily as good as anything else you’d pick up at Starbucks or the Coffee Bean. Low acid, balanced, great for breakfast.


1) The lightning bolt on the lid. Why? More like, “Why not?”
2) Quote on the front of the can: “It’s all in the beans…and I’m just full of beans.”
3) The nightmares… Lo, the nightmares.

We kid! So far we haven’t hallucinated about talking logs or Laura Dern any more than usual. But with fair trade practices and a portion of proceeds going to the David Lynch Film Scholarships Fund at AFI, we’ll keep trying.