Bite of the Week: Vegan Black Pepper Tofu Taco from Trejo’s Tacos

An up-close look at our editors’ favorite bites from around the city

What: Taco filled with crispy-fried black pepper tofu, pickled red onion, serrano chilies, and scallions. It comes served with a tiny French breakfast radish, a lime, and some optional squirts of Trejo’s own lacto-fermented hot sauce.

Where: Trejo’s Tacos, mean-mugging character actor Danny Trejo’s new, permanent line-sporting taqueria on the corner of Olympic and La Brea.

When: Thursday at noon, which I wouldn’t recommend to people who enjoy having productive days. I waited in line for 42 minutes before I finally placed my order. Slap a famous person’s face on a storefront and a line will form.

The Final Bite: I’ve been following the Trejo’s Tacos saga since the project was announced—both because it’s my job, and also because I’m a fan of the Dusk Till Dawn series. A few weeks before the scheduled opening date, this article lauding Trejo for his “vegan taqueria” was shared all over my Facebook timeline. The fact that he had this black pepper tofu taco on the menu triggered a chain reaction of misinformation that led to tons and tons of vegan hype. I thought it was hilarious, and I’ve been obsessed with this taco ever since. And it’s pretty damn good. The tofu cubes are deep fried and crispy, the pickled onions and serranos give you that crunch, and a few liberal squirts of Trejo’s own hot sauce brings some needed heat. The tortillas need some work, and the taco could have been more well-dressed, but there’s some serious potential at Trejo’s Tacos.