This Mind-Blowing Vegan Ramen is What’s Missing From Your Life

No pork, no problem

What: A slurpable bowl of noodles with zero animal products. The broth is made with sunflower seeds to give it that fatty, starchy texture and miso adds umami. The ramen is topped off with nori, scallions, bean sprouts, oyster mushrooms, chili threads, and the miracle/maybe abomination of science that is the soy-based, vegan, soft-boiled egg.

Where: Ramen Hood, the vegan ramen bar in Grand Central Market opened by Ilan Hall.

When: Wednesday at 1:30 p.m. during a crowded lunch hour downtown. Seats were tough to come by at the bar, but everyone made room. Vegan ramen eaters are a friendly bunch.

The Final Bite: It’s satisfying in the same way that a good veggie burger is satisfying: You eat it, it tastes good, it’s well seasoned, you’re happy with your decision, and then you remember what a juicy, medium-rare cheeseburger tastes like, and you’re suddenly conflicted. But there were several vegans at the bar chatting about how excited they were to finally experience a fatty bowl of ramen like all their non-vegan friends—and that gave us the warm-and-fuzzies.