Bite of the Week: The French Bean Burrito from Trois Familia

An up-close look at our editors’ favorite bites from around the city

What: A French-ified take on the classic L.A. bean burrito with pinto beans, garlic brown butter, preserved lemon, wakame powder, a handful of yellow cheddar, and some heavily serrano-peppered pico.

Where: Trois Familia, Jon Shook, Vinny Dotolo, and Ludo Lefebvre’s newly opened French Mexican brunch spot in Echo Park.

When: Wednesday morning, right when the doors opened at 10:00 to avoid the insane lunch rush and get back to the office in time to, you know, do work and stuff.

The Final Bite: It’s a completely absurd dish, but in the best way. All the familiarity of liquidy beans and yellow cheese wrapped up in a tortilla with the signature Ludo stamp of burnt European butter and preserved lemon. If you’re sharing the burrito, which you probably should be if you want to save room for churro French Toast, save the last bite for yourself. All the juices seep to the bottom and the butt end becomes a kind of cheesy flavor sponge.