Bite of the Week: The Four-Meat Con Culo! Sandwich from Crispy Cuban

An up-close look at our editors’ favorite bites from around the city

What: The Con Culo! sandwich (punctuation mark included). A pressed baguette gets slathered with mustard butter before being stuffed with braised ropa vieja, sliced pastrami, slow-roasted pork, house-cured ham, imported Swiss cheese, and dill pickles.

Where: The Crispy Cuban food truck, chilling across the street from LACMA, just outside the L.A. mag headquarters. (Check their full schedule here!)

When: Wednesday at 2:00 p.m. during a pleasant-but-frantic office lunch.

The Final Bite: I’m normally not down with sandwiches that have more than two meats. It’s always seemed like a crutch—like you wouldn’t notice how mediocre the ham is as long as you’re being bombarded with turkey and bacon and roast beef. But the Con Culo! gets a pass—all the meats make sense because they’re all so different. The ropa vieja is juicy, the ham is sweet, the pastrami is peppery, and the roast pork provides a solid porcine base. A crispy baguette and a hefty slap of sour pickles make this sandwich well worth its $14.50 price tag.