Bite of the Week: Smoked Salmon on Rye from Lodge Bread Co.

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What: A smoked salmon plate complete with caper berries, pickled cabbage, cream cheese, and two slices of flavor-dense and generously buttered rye toast.

Where: Lodge Bread Co., the Culver City bakery/café that’s been churning out crazy whole grain loaves, cinnamon rolls, toasts, and cookies since October. Oh yeah, and they’re doing pizzas now too.

When: Thursday morning during one of the rare occasions I wake up early enough to eat a breakfast that isn’t an overripe banana and 7-Eleven coffee.

The Final Bite: This represents a paradigm shift in the smoked-fish-on-toast game. Normally, the bread in this scenario acts as a basic sponge, something neutral to hold the fish so you don’t have to scrub the ocean smell out of your hands later (no one wants to be the “dude, you smell like fish” person in the office). But with the dark, dense, and intensely seeded rye, you’re happy to let the fish and cream cheese be a flavor complement to the bread. Maybe if we start a petition, Lodge Bread will start their own smoked fish program. All we can do is try.