Bite of the Week: Scallop with Caviar and Black Truffle from Tempura Endo

An up-close look at our editors’ favorite bites from around the city

What: Scallop, stuffed with black truffle, tempura-battered and fried, sliced in half, then topped with caviar and yuzu salt. Yeah, there’s a lot going on there.

Where: Tempura Endo in Beverly Hills—the Kyoto-based restaurant’s first outlet in the states.

When: A brisk and rainy Wednesday evening media preview one day before its public opening (today!).

The Final Bite: What happens when Beverly Hills decadence meets Japanese tradition meets state fair-style, anything goes, deep-fried madness? You’re looking at it. The scallop dish was specifically crafted for chef Koichi Endo’s blazing foray into the U.S. high-end tempura market (we have one of those, right?) and doesn’t exist at his Kyoto flagship.

Depending on the number of courses, you’ll either pay $180, $230, or $280 for the tempura omakase, where you take bits of fried uni, A-5 wagyu, and king crab almost directly from the chef’s chopsticks. But, if you want to add some supplements or an extra bite here and there, you can also order a la cart. The scallop with truffle and caviar is the most expensive on the list—these two bites will set you back $75.