Bite of the Week: The ‘New Deli’ from Michael Voltaggio’s Sack Sandwiches

An up-close look at our editors’ favorite bites from around the city

What: The “New Deli”: pastrami, pickles, and curry mustard on that crunchy, ciabatta-like bread.

Where: Michael Voltaggio’s newly debuted Sack Sandwiches off Sunset in Hollywood. Remember ink.sack? Us too. Now it’s going through a sleek and expandable rebrand into Sack Sandwiches. Some of the more chef-y items are gone—RIP BBQ-spiced pork rinds—but the soul of the place is still there, along with the core menu items and a newfound pop of color. And nitro cold brew too—so that’s cool.

When: Wednesday at one of those classic 3:00 p.m. lunches that, retrospectively, seems weird knowing you have dinner reservations like three hours later. Sack was soft open at the time, but they officially open their doors tomorrow #GetHyped.

The Final Bite: It’s about to get real sentimental up in here: ink.sack has always held a really special place in my heart. It was the very cool, very L.A. place that I’d take friends from out of town to because we were both, likely, balling on a budget (for reference, Chego was the other go-to spot). A $6 sandwich made from a Top Chef winner? Can’t beat it. So when I heard that they were changing things up, a single Old Bay-spiked tear fell down my cheek. But Sack Sandwiches keeps the cool L.A. street feel of the original joint and adds in some reasonable and necessary brand power. The sandwiches are as good as ever, too. Solid non-deli pastrami gets punched up with the heat and funk of that curry mustard and the crunchy sourness of the thick, ridge-cut pickles bring it all home. Good on you, Michael Voltaggio.