Bite of the Week: Red Velvet Ding Dong from C+M (Coffee and Milk) at LACMA

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What: The Red Velvet Ding Dong: an ode to the classic Hostess snack cake (which, for the record, is ten times better than a Twinkie) that’s been given the Sprinkles treatment with a hefty shot of red food dye.

Where: C+M, aka Coffee and Milk, just inside the LACMA perimeter. Like the adjacent Ray’s and Stark Bar, C+M is part of the monolithic Patina Restaurant Group.

When: Thursday morning for a quick espresso and a cake-based breakfast.

The Final Bite: Look at it. Just look at thing. It’s beautiful. So vibrant (food dye vibrance still counts as vibrance) and well garnished and holiday-appropriate and it still manages to give you that $.79 prepackaged rush of nostalgia. Does it cost $5, and is it sickeningly sweet, and is that shade of red a little alarming once you really start to think about it? Sure! But, damn, just look at it.