Bite of the Week: The Nutella Bombolini from Jon & Vinny’s

An up-close look at our editors’ favorite bites from around the city

What: The Nutella bombolini (technically it’s a bombolino though, yeah?): a fried mound of dough stuffed with chocolate hazelnut spread and topped with powdered sugar.

Where: Jon & Vinny’s, the perpetually long-lined ode to Italian-American cuisine on Fairfax, right across the street from Shook and Dotolo’s OG spot, Animal.

When: Friday during one of those two-hour lunches that went super long because you’re stupid and didn’t make a reservation so you ended up waiting 45 minutes for a table and the only way to apologize to your coworkers who you left hanging is to bring back a giant bag full of pastries. Which is how we ended up with a bunch of bombolini.

The Final Bite: Though not typically one to fetishize Nutella—AKA the Sriracha of nut-based products in a jar— there’s still something special about biting into some snappy dough and getting hit in the mouth with a deluge of chocolate and hazelnut. As Martha Stewart would say, “It’s a good thing.” Word, hypothetical Martha. Word.