Beverly Hills Hotels’ Suite 100: 1960s Room Service and Instant Champagne

Celebrate the city’s centennial in style

From now to the end of the year, you can step into Marilyn Monroe’s private boudoir or a scene out of a film noir novel courtesy of a Beverly Hills Suite 100. The city decided to celebrate its 100th anniversary by showcasing its glamorous past in five of its luxury hotels. The hotels’ interior designers worked with Suite 100 Project Director Susan Manrao (Susan Manrao Design) to theme out the rooms—from interior design to menus to amenities—according to a specific decade. The Beverly Hills Hotel has a 1950s Marilyn Monroe suite, Montage the film noir ‘40s, Beverly Hilton the stylish ‘60s, L’Ermitage the disco ‘70s, and the Peninsula the celebrity-obsessed ‘90s.

“For the year of the centennial I wanted each guest’s stay in a Suite 100 room to be a journey of discovery that would inspire them to return to the city throughout the year to visit all of the suites,” said Manrao. If you don’t have that kind of money, here’s just a taste of the food and drink highlights of each suite.

Montage Beverly Hills’ “Forties Film Noir”: First things first, this $1,914-a-night suite is equipped with a “Press for Champagne” button which will instantly summon a bellman with bubbly…and win my heart. Laptop broken? Write out your screenplay on the “noiseless typewriter” while finding inspiration in the form of a William Faulkner cocktail (bourbon, powdered sugar, mint) or Eugene O’Neill (gin, dry vermouth, cocktail onions). These cocktails will also be available in the Parq Bar. An in-room dining menu offers decadence like Chateaubriand (for two) and Filet Oscar & Crab with asparagus and bearnaise sauce.

The Beverly Hills Hotel & Bungalows’ “The Golden Age Inspired by Marilyn Monroe”: For $3,795 a night, guests will be treated to a night as Marilyn as envisioned by Tihany Design. But an additional $1,914 pads on the “Norma Jean Experience” with amenities like La Prairie diamond-themed spa treatments and a bottle of Chanel No. 5, they’ll get a bottle of Dom Perignon (Marilyn’s favorite champagne) upon arrival and dinner for two from “Marilyn’s Menu” which includes DiMaggio’s Spaghetti and Meatballs. And there’s even a “Norma Jean” cocktail, a mix of vodka, Pavan liqueur, honey, and lemon. This drink will also be available at the hotel’s bars and restaurants. By the way, if you stay, make sure to check off the champagne bubble bath option.

The Beverly Hilton’s “Stylish, Sophisticated Sixties:  A Re-Imagined Revolution”: Guests will be immersed in this era of Givenchy, Hitchcock, the Beatles, and David Hicks-ian bold colors. The vintage Barbies and a record player/TV set on loan from the Grammy Museum are squeal-worthy. But what’s shagadelic here is you can order off the hotel’s actual 1960s room service menu and enjoy those 1960s prices. Definitely order a $2.50 Monte Cristo to go with your $1.15 gin martini. Turndown service comes with traditional milk and cookies. Rates start at $1,914.

L’Ermitage Beverly Hills’ “The Era of Studio 54 – Fashion & Art Collide”: Interior designer Ken Fulk envisioned fashion legend Halston’s hang for this suite: a couple of disco balls, a bathroom papered in Interview magazine covers, some Warhols, and a closet full of vintage-inspired Halston Heritage pieces. There’s even an elevated catwalk and an iPad photo booth should you want to practice for your big moment. For drinks, the Suite 100 menu offers a Studio 54 Fizz (Effen Black Cherry vodka, lemon, simple, Veuve, and raspberries), the Shaken Daiquiri (Appleton VX rum, lime, simple), and more. Rates start at $1,914.

The Peninsula Beverly Hills’ “The Birth of Modern Luxury”: Stay here and get the literal red carpet treatment where, for an additional $1,914 (on top of the $7,000 for the Suite 100 package), you’ll experience a photo shoot on the hotel’s red carpet out front. The Peninsula’s Suite 100 celebrates the modern glamour of Hollywood with large photo murals of a red carpet event with you as the star and amenities like a spray tan treatment, a poolside cabana, and a luxury vehicle at your beck and call. But the best part is that you also get Executive Chef David Codney’s personal phone number for whenever you are in dire need of his truffle mac and cheese or salmon potato pancakes, which are also available in the hotel’s restaurants.

The Suite 100 for each hotel is available to the public starting today through the end of this year.