Your Life Is Incomplete Until You Taste the Heavenly Swirls of L.A.’s 4 Essential Soft-Serve Ice Cream Shops

Summer, like youth, is fleeting, but these sweets are forever

Whether it’s dished up from a vintage truck or the star of a destination restaurant, soft-serve ice cream speaks of summer. Here are four of our favorite places to sample the sweet treat.

Magpies Softserve

2660 Griffith Park Blvd, Silver Lake.

Go for malted milk chocolate with sweet corn and almond, or strawberry cheesecake with sweet cream, and top with chocolate honeycomb, butterscotch Rice Krispies, and house-made sprinkles.

Sweet Rose Creamery

Multiple locations

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Only the Pico shop in this ice cream empire offers seasonal flavors like milk gelato and dairy-free peach sorbet. (Yes, those two do taste amazing together.) Watch social media for new flavors; they change regularly.

CVT Soft Serve

How to find the truck

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This is no standard ice cream truck operation. The cream comes from a local dairy, the flavors are classic vanilla and chocolate, and the soft-serve is whirled on refurbished vintage trucks named Charlie and Frankie. No adornments necessary.

Manhattan Beach Post

1142 Manhattan Ave, Hermosa Beach.

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The must-have dessert at David LeFevre’s South Bay spot is whatever soft swirl is on the menu, whether it’s salted caramel with green figs and pistachios or coconut with milk jam, peanuts, and sesame seeds.

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