5 Bowls of the Best Ramen in L.A.

All the steamy, savory, noodle-y goodness you need right now

These selections are from our September 2017 guide to L.A.’s best Japanese food.

1. Koku Tonkotsu at Ramen Tatsunoya

16 N. Fair Oaks Ave., Pasadena

Region: Fukuoka.
Broth: Tonkotsu.
Noodles: Thin, straight.
Toppings: Chashu pork, onion oil, chili-miso paste, scallions, mushrooms, bean sprouts.
Fun Fact: Koku roughly means “robust taste,” which is why this bowl arrives extra-seasoned with pork fat and garlic, a style popular on the pig- obsessed island of Kyushu.

2. Shio Ramen at Ramen Santouka

3760 S Centinela Ave,. Los Angeles

Region: Hokkaido.
Broth: Shio-tonkotsu.
Noodles: Thin, curly.
Toppings: Chashu pork, scallions, mushrooms, bamboo shoots, fish cake, sesame seeds, pickled plum.
Fun Fact: The chain’s signature steep-sided bowls ensure that the ramen stays hot during cold Hokkaido winters.

3. Tonkotsu Ramen at Tsujita L.A. 

 2057 Sawtelle Blvd., Los Angeles

Region: Fukuoka.
Broth: Tonkotsu.
Noodles: Thin, straight.
Toppings: Chashu pork, egg, scallions, mushrooms, bamboo shoots, dried seaweed.
Fun Fact: To produce the velvety broth, pork bones are simmered for more than 60 hours (at peak times the wait outside the shop can seem equally long).

4. Tori Paitan at Tentenyu Ramen 

2012 Sawtelle Blvd., Los Angeles

Region: Kyoto.
Broth: Shoyu-tori.
Noodles: Thick, straight.
Toppings: Chashu chicken, egg, scallions, bamboo shoots, bean sprouts, dried seaweed.
Fun Fact: This rich broth is made from pure tori (poultry). Each bowl contains a pound of simmered bones.

5. Spicy-Miso Butter Ramen at Jidaiya

18537 S. Western Ave., Gardena

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Region: Hokkaido.
Broth: Miso.
Noodles: Thick, curly.
Toppings: Chashu pork, scallions, corn, bamboo shoots, bean sprouts, black sesame seeds, butter.
Fun Fact: Hokkaido is known for its dairy production—thus, the slab of butter.

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