Best New Restaurants of 2012: Trends We Love & Trends We Hate


Trends We Love:

We’re all for spontaneity, but it’s nice not having to rely on Twitter to find our favorite chef at a pop-up and not cruising the streets to look for some truck. We’re ready to become regulars again

Brussels Sprouts
Whenever we ask the waitstaff to recommend a dish, more often than not, this is the answer. Whether they’re fried, shaved raw, or roasted with bacon, we dig ’em


Trends We Hate:

In one year we lost two icons of local cuisine: Mark Peel’s Campanile and Evan Kleiman’s Angeli Caffe. This town—and our plates—won’t be the same without them.

DIY Dishes
It’s so thoughtful of you to put the toast, the egg, the smoked trout, and the pickled onions in separate little piles for us to assemble. But we really didn’t feel like cooking tonight. Show us how it’s done.


Illustrations by Clint Hansen

Best New Restaurants 2012