Best New Restaurants: 5 Recently Opened Eateries too New for the List

But they might just show up next year

You may have read our 2015 Best New Restaurants list and thought, “Hey! (insert awesome recently opened restaurant here) didn’t make the list! What gives?” There are two reasons why that may be the case: 1) It just wasn’t as awesome as you thought; or 2) the restaurant was too new to make the cut. To let the place in question get on its feet and to allow time for adequate research (stuffing our faces) we won’t include it if it opened after October 1. Never fear! They have a shot to show up next year. Below are the five restaurants that were just too new to tell for 2015.

1. Otium
Museum grub it’s not. Tim Hollingsworth’s long-awaited restaurant at the Broad downtown is a minimalist powerhouse serving local seasonal food. » 222 S. Hope St.,

Funnel cake with strawberries and foie gras from Otium

Photograph courtesy Facebook/Otium

2. Trois Familia
Jon Shook, Vinny Dotolo, and Ludo Lefebvre have expanded east to Silver Lake with sorta French, sorta Mexican brunch fare (see page 44). » 3510 W. Sunset Blvd., trois

French Bean Burrito

Photograph by Josh Scherer

3. Hanjip
Seoul Sausage Co. founder Chris Oh’s smoke-filled, chef-driven take on Korean BBQ (e.g., tomahawk steak with foie butter) is on fire in Culver City. » 3829 Main St.,

Kimchi fried rice from Hanjip
Kimchi fried rice from Hanjip

Photograph by Rick Poon

4. Viviane
Michael Hung (Faith & Flower) has a refined way with poolside Cal-French in Beverly Hills (see page 44). » Avalon Hotel, 9400 W. Olympic Blvd.,

Where to Eat Now

Photograph courtesy Facebook/Viviane

5. Baroo
We’ve witnessed just about every food pro in town scarfing fermented grain bowls at Kwang Uh’s Hollywood nook (see page 43). » 5706 Santa Monica Blvd.,

Where to Eat Now

Photograph courtesy Baroo