The Ultimate Guide to Eating Outside in L.A.


As if in defiance of our luxurious climate, Angelenos have long preferred a restaurant’s most shrouded seating: the deep booths, the windowless corner banquette, the bar—anywhere but that sun-dappled two-top. In the ’80s, staff at the original Spago referred to its patio as “Siberia.” But outdoor eating is no longer a big chill. You can now loll beside a pool, atop a skyscraper, near a fire pit—heck, on a curb—with some of the country’s most compelling cuisine. Here we celebrate the two things we do better than anywhere else: living outdoors and eating well. Because a taco just doesn’t taste right with air-conditioning. Check out the best of L.A.’s alfresco dining here.

Alfresco L.A.