This Local Kombucha Brewery Is Making Millions of Bottles a Month

Torrance-based Health-Ade is keeping America supplied with fermented tea

Six years ago, Daina Trout was selling her kombucha at the Brentwood Farmers’ Market. Now her Torrance company, Health-Ade, supplies fans across the U.S. with fizzy fermented tea.

100,000 2.5-gallon Glass Jars

Approximate number of small-batch fermentation vessels used. Hers is one of the only commercial breweries that ferments in glass, says Trout.

2 to 4 Weeks

Time it takes to produce each bottle, depending on flavor. “We don’t make kombucha, we raise it,” says Trout. “It’s nature that does the work.”

14 Flavors

Pink Lady Apple and Ginger-Lemon are the most popular.

4 Million Bottles

Estimated production per month at the Torrance factory. “Kombucha is a mainstream beverage,” says Trout. “It’s delicious and helps you feel good. What’s not to like?”

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