Where to Find Four of L.A.’s Best Grain Bowls

Pea shoots, anchovy, beetroot—perhaps on heirloom black rice or heritage wheat. Who says breakfast is boring?

Destroyer’s organic hen egg, crispy potato, mushroom bowl

Culver City

At Jordan Kahn’s Nordic-inspired spot, the egg is poached in Parmesan oil, the potato is made into chips, and the shimeji mushrooms are pickled—all cradled on red quinoa and crowned with pea shoots and herbs.

Rice Bar’s anchovy bowl


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A Filipino breakfast dish, dilis gets a California spin at this tiny counter: Charles Olalia tops heirloom black rice with sun-dried and fried anchovies, grape tomatoes cured with fish sauce, fresh scallion, radish, and avocado.

P.Y.T’s Tehachapi grain porridge


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Josef Centeno starts with Tehachapi-grown Red Fife wheat and Abruzzi rye—cooked with cultured butter—then adds pepitas, cabbage, and beetroot to balance the richness.

Sqirl’s sorrel pesto rice

East Hollywood

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Jessica Koslow’s mash-up of Kokuho Rose brown rice, sorrel pesto, feta, radish, poached egg, and fermented hot sauce changed how we eat—and how long we’ll wait in line to do so.