Where to Get the Best Chicken Wings in L.A.

You’re going to need so many wet wipes

Chicken wings are a messy challenge, to be sure, but since we’re all ensconced in the privacy of our own homes now, there’s nobody around to judge. When you’re ready to get a little saucy, these are the best wings in L.A. Our apologies to all the now-flightless birds out there.

The Greyhound Bar & Grill


While the Greyhound has not yet reopened their beloved Highland Park and Glendale sports pubs for in-person dining, you can order their fantastic wings to eat at home. Options include boneless, boned, or veg, and dozens of sauce varieties, including many gluten free selections.



A Korean fried chicken staple, KyoChon offers numerous wing (and strip and whole chicken) selections. Get yours with soy garlic sauce, sweet honey sauce, or try the extra-hot “red wing.”

Mohawk Bend

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Mohawk Bend’s deep-fried Buffalo cauliflower “wings” defy two pieces of conventional wisdom: that wings come from birds and that vegetables should be healthy. You can get a Buffalo chicken (or vegan patty) sandwich, too.

Running Chicks

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Running Chicks has wings aplenty, along with a small collection of sides, including garlic fries and pickled radish. You choose your sauces: lemon pepper, soy garlic, or sweet-spicy.

Ye Rustic Inn

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Ye Rustic Inn is a true dive we really hope manages to scrape through the pandemic. One way to support them is ordering their famous wings for delivery or takeout. You can customize with your choice of four heat levels, from mild to “suicide,” and three levels of crispiness.

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