The Best Chicken Wings in L.A. Make Our Sauciest Snack Dreams Come True

Gather the wet wipes

Some experiences require getting your hands dirty. Chicken wings are just such a challenge. When you’re ready to get a little saucy, these are the best chicken wings in L.A. to fill your bucket or party tray. Our apologies to all the now-flightless birds out there.

Cosa Buona

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One of our top new restaurants of 2017, Cosa Buona specializes in fun, shareable plates, and the Buffalo wings are no exception. Available on the lunch menu, they’re topped with Zach’s Red Hot sauce and served with a gorgonzola cheese dip. If you don’t order some smokey mozzarella sticks to accompany, you’re doing things wrong. (2100 W. Sunset Blvd., Echo Park)

Barrel & Ashes

It may come as no surprise that the wings at barbecue-specialist Barrel & Ashes are slow smoked. You can opt for a Kansas City sweet barbecue sauce, the Ol’ Smokey spice rub, or a traditional Buffalo version. (11801 Ventura Blvd., Studio City)

Wexler’s Deli

A Super Bowl-themed special, Wexler’s takes the spices that flavor their signature pastrami and applies them to chicken wings. Order in advance (minimum order of 36) for pick-up or delivery from the Santa Monica deli. (616 Santa Monica Blvd., Santa Monica)

So Long, Hi

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Buffalo isn’t the only place that knows how to make a wing; Thailand does a pretty good job, too. So Long, Hi’s version features a sweet-yet-spicy sauce with honey and tamarind, fish sauce, chile, and citrus. (518 W 7th St., downtown)

Karl Strauss Brewing Company

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Boneless wings are nuggets. Nuggets are fun and delicious. Thus, the offering at Karl Strauss Brewing Company’s DTLA brewpub is a big win-win. When scientists inevitably engineer chickens without bones for just this purpose, we’ll be horrified, yet intrigued. (600 Wilshire Blvd., downtown)

E.P. & L.P.

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Australian-Fijian chef Louis Tikaram gives his wings an Asian-fusion twist. The wings here are twice-cooked and doused with spicy chile sauce and zippy lime juice. (603 N. La Cienega Blvd., West Hollywood)


Nobody wants an inhumanely raised chicken wing, do they? Belcampo includes two pounds of farm-reared poultry in barbecue sauce as part of their “game day kit,” which also comes with ground meat for burgers, hot dogs and kielbasa for grilling, and an assortment of fixings ($79.99). (1026 Wilshire Blvd., Santa Monica)

Mohawk Bend

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Mohawk Bend’s deep-fried Buffalo cauliflower “wings” defy two pieces of conventional wisdom: that wings come from birds and that vegetables should be healthy. The vegan blue cheese dip is worth a try, even for omnivores. (2141 Sunset Blvd., Echo Park)

Running Chicks

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At Running Chicks, Korean fried chicken wings (and a few sides) is all they do. Pick how many wings you want, select your sauce (soy garlic, sweet and spicy, or lemon pepper), and be on your way. (141 N. Atlantic Blvd., Suite 105, Monterey Park)

Ye Rustic Inn

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Ye Rustic Inn is a famous dive with a rowdy reputation (and, boy, in searching the geotag for that Instagram above, did we see some regrettable drunk-posting that backs up that rep), but the wings are considered iconic in L.A. Whipped up fresh to order, you can customize with your choice of four heat levels, from mild to “suicide,” and three levels of crispiness. (1831 N. Hillhurst Ave., Los Feliz)

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