What’s the Best Burger Joint in L.A.? You Decide

Introducing our first-ever Burger Bracket

Outsiders frequently characterize Angelenos as red meat-and-carb-averse health freaks who spend weekends grazing on weeds and foraging for berries in Griffith Park. But as we’ve said before, Los Angeles isn’t just a burger town—it’s the burger town. From classic griddle-cooked doubles to baseball-circumference hunks of ground meat cradled on brioche with fancy fixins, burgers aren’t just part of our diets—they’re part of our culinary DNA.

Introducing L.A. Mag‘s first-ever Burger Bracket, an online, March Madness-style competition that pits L.A.’s best burger joints against one another in the ultimate battle for ground meat supremacy.

Food editor Garrett Snyder curated a list of 16 local restaurants—some of them newer, some old standbys—with one or several killer burgers. They are: Apple Pan, Belcampo, Bill’s Hamburgers, Burgerlords, Cassell’s Hamburgers, Everson Royce Bar, Father’s Office, the Golden State Cafe, Grill ‘Em All, Hawkins House of Burgers, HiHo Cheeseburger, Hinano Cafe, the Oinkster, Petit Trois, Pie ‘n Burger, and Plan Check.

Can Belcampo beat out perennial favorite, the Apple Pan? Will Valley institution Bill’s Hamburgers overtake the dudes at Burgerlords? You decide.

Over the course of the next four weeks, you can vote daily in four weeklong rounds that wrap up at midnight on May 14. Then we’ll announce the winner at our Burgers Bourbon + Beer event on Sat., May 23 at the Victorian in Santa Monica. And we’re sweetening the pot with prizes each week (including tickets to BB+B).

For more details and to register to vote, visit lamag.com/burgerbracket.

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