This Beloved Valley Restaurant Is Making a Comeback in March

You know you missed that Chinese chicken salad

When Stanley’s Restaurant in Sherman Oaks closed in 2015 after 32 years at the corner of Ventura and Matilija Ave., the neighborhood lost one of its beloved weekly (daily, in some cases) hangout spots.

Last week a familiar sign appeared again in Fab’s old spot on the corner of Van Nuys and Dickens (a block off Ventura). Like the nosy neighbors we are, we stopped the car, got out, and peered through a wee opening in the blocked out windows at the freshly painted walls and stacked chairs. Stanley’s is back, and will be opening in mid-March according to owner Greg Sadofsky, “Yes, we’re going to try it again!” he said when we caught up with him. “I would be walking down the boulevard and people would always stop me and ask when I was going to re-open. And here I am again. I’m a glutton for punishment.”

For those of you who popped by weekly for the Chinese chicken salad (you know who you are), it will still be on the menu along with many of the items Valley regulars are used to. Thirty percent of the menu, Sadofsky estimates, will be new. With so many cherished restaurants closing, it makes us smile to see Stanley’s showing up on a Valley corner yet again.

Kari Mozena is the Special Projects Manager at Los Angeles magazine and You can follow her on Twitter and Instagram. She recently wrote: There’s Now A Health Food Store That Varies It’s Prices By Neighborhood