Behold! The Ice Cream Taco Comes to L.A.

Cream slings ice cream sandwiches and more near USC

What is it with college students and ice cream sandwiches?  There must be something about higher education that generates late-night cravings for a scoop of ice cream stuffed in between something else sweet. Case in point: Westwood’s Diddy Riese has been serving its famous ice cream sandwiches to UCLA coeds for more than 20 years, and well, USC students have gotten used to commuting to get their cookie fix.

But now all that has changed thanks to Cream in University Park, which has been generating block-long lines on weekends since opening in February. The first South California location of a Berkley-based ice cream shop, Cream (which is in fact an acronym that stands for “cookies rule everything around me”) first became popular among, you guessed it, UC Berkeley students. Much like Diddy Reise, the shop specializes in mix-and-match combinations of fresh-baked cookies and ice cream, all for the student-friendly price of $3 per sandwich. Their flavor selection is impressive, including banana walnut fudge, peaches ‘n’ cream, and peanut butter twist ice creams, plus cookie varieties like double chocolate chip, white chocolate macadamia nut, and turtle made with chocolate caramel and peanuts. You can even try a tart, gooey lemon bar crowned with soy vanilla ice cream.

What is capturing the most attention from dessert-deprived Trojans, however, is Cream’s Instagram-worthy ice cream taco. Essentially, it’s a folded waffle cone stuffed with three scoops of ice cream and your choice of toppings—but the result is so much more than the sum of its parts. We opted for the colorful red velvet shell filled with a classic troika of chocolate, strawberry, and vanilla, and finished off with chocolate sauce and rainbow sprinkles, but the possibilities are pretty much endless: Nutella, crushed Oreos, gummy bears, etc.

Although eating it like an actual taco is the hardest part (they provide a spoon, thankfully), it’s a major upgrade from the old-school Choco Taco. And considering how much Los Angeles loves actual tacos, we think we’re long overdue for this reimagined version. It’s sure to bring out your inner undergrad.

Cream, 3335 S. Figueroa St., University Park, 213-742-9090 or