bashi: Pan-Asian Cuisine at Rancho Palos Verdes’ Terranea Resort

Bashi at Terranea

Photograph by Eddie Lin

When you think of destination restaurants in Los Angeles, what do you imagine? Spago? Providence? The Bazaar? How about an actual destination destination like bashi at the Terranea Resort, former home of L.A.’s long gone Marineland of the Pacific aquatic theme park?

Terranea offers a few dining options, but bashi fits best with the Palos Verdes Peninsula’s Japanese farming heritage, offering a contemporary, pan-Asian restaurant with killer panoramic views of the coast and regal Catalina Island crowning the distant waters.

bashi’s radish & apple kimchi whetted the appetite with a mix of spicy, sweet, and pungent flavors, with almost identical crispy textures from the daikon and fruit. This is Korean-style kimchi at its most refreshing. 

The classic Vietnamese shrimp & taro spring roll was light and crispy, but durable enough to contain a cord of bean thread noodles, scallions, wood ear mushrooms, chunks of shrimp, and mashed taro root. The earthy and sweet filling was sweetened further with a cool nước chấm dipping sauce.

Al dente is the ideal point of doneness for Italian pasta, but for Chinese noodles it’s called simply “Q.” bashi’s Shanghai-style garlic noodles achieved this perfect, springy chewiness, and every mouthful was thick with smoky garlic, onion, bean sprouts, shiitake mushrooms, and peppers. (Take your protein pick of beef, chicken, or shrimp.)

The baby back pork ribs marinate in a nectarous hoisin sauce for 24 hours before being slow cooked for another four, resulting with meat so tender, it literally peeled off the bone with chopsticks. Yes, chopsticks! And the mini mound of pickled cabbage on the side tamed the sweetness of the ribs while adding a nice crunch to the dish.

bashi, 100 Terranea Way, Rancho Palos Verdes