Barton G. Has New Menu Items, And As You’d Expect They’re Wonderfully Insane

Insane, we say

Barton G (861 North La Cienega Blvd.), the Miami import known for its elaborate and playful dining presentations, has a new menu. The dishes include everything from savory entrees to lavish desserts, as well as stylized cocktails. And they’re all just as quirky/weird/wonderful as you’d hope. But we’ll stop with the words now because what you really came here for are these photos…

Kobe’s Huge Weiner

Photo Courtesy of Barton G

This 14 ounce “magnum” Kobe sausage is served in a griddled poppy-seed-butter-brioche bun. On the side, honey-laced spicy mustard, neon relish, shaved fresh black truffle, truffle cheese sauce, and hot dog chips.

Gone Aztec Fishing (no photo)

This crispy whole local snapper is marinated in garlic and pimento with candied plantains, spiced cilantro slaw, and roasted serrano-lime aioli.

B.G. Platinum Ranch Tomahawk For 2

Photo Courtesy of Barton G

A 50-ounce KERWEE silver grade Australian wagyu ribeye, and a lime-broiled 8-ounce warm water lobster tail, plus Gulf shrimp, charcoal yucca logs, charred tomato, and salsa “ranchera.”

 Rubber Ducky…You’re The One

Photo courtesy of Barton G

A coconut angel cake with whipped coconut cream in a milk chocolate tub. Served with white chocolate-passion fruit ducklings.

Dolla Dolla Bills Y’all

Photo courtesy of Barton G

Rich chocolate ganache and dulce de leche tart, under a gold brick shell torched tableside for a playful take on the s’more. Liquid nitrogen chocolate–feuilletine golden nugget ice cream on the side.

The Big Dish

Photo courtesy of Barton G

This dessert has warm butter brioche bread pudding, baked with white chocolate and raspberries, topped with vanilla ice cream. Plus candied pecan filled eggs, lemon-mango coulis, and rum syrup.

Below The Belt For 2

Photo courtesy of Barton G

Bourbon or gin with apple cider, organic honey nectar, fresh citrus, rosemary, thyme, and orange zest with applewood smoke.


Photo courtesy of Barton G

Pear-infused vodka, lychee, and cranberry juice with a nitrogenized pop of pear vodka.

Diamonds are Forever

Photo courtesy of Barton G

Citrus vodka, triple sec and lemonade with a citrus vodka popsicle and a sugar stick.

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