Barbecue, Beverly Hills Style

Take in panorama views of the city and beer-can chicken at The Peninsula this summer

Living in the perpetual sunshine of L.A. means that we only know when summer begins and ends based on federal holidays like Memorial Day and Labor Day. Once the last Monday in May rolls around, we follow the lead of the country’s four-seasoners and start firing up our barbecues and donning Hawaiian-print shirts. While frozen hamburger patties and Costco-sized bottles of ketchup are great for a beach BBQ, some of us prefer to go a slightly more upscale route once in a while. Enter the Penisula.

No, seriously, enter the Peninsula because they’re doing barbecue Beverly Hills style. Make your way up to the gorgeous Rooftop Garden of the hotel, where you can take in panorama views of the whole city while executive chef David Codney grills up some fancy versions of BBQ favorites every Saturday and Sunday night through September.

Madagascar shrimp
Madagascar shrimp

The giant Madagascar shrimp are so big that you’ll swear they’re lobsters in disguise. Topped with a piquant Argentinian chimichurri, these crustaceans could easily be a meal by themselves, but then you’d be missing out on Codney’s excellent smoked baby back ribs, cured Carolina-style with mustard and rubbed with maple sugar.

The tri-tip gets a similar massage with chipotle powder and coffee before being paired with a home-made steak sauce that’s aged in miniature oak barrels. Any suburban dad knows the joy of sticking a can of suds up the backside of a chicken on the grill, but at the Peninsula, that chicken winds up extremely moist and well matched with charred corn and a cilantro-laden cabbage slaw. And don’t worry about the fact that the beer used is PBR—the ironic hipster mustaches the beer is associated with are not contagious.

Finish your meal off with some tableside hibachi s’mores as the sun sets over the Santa Monica mountains, and you’ll wonder why you ever bothered manning a grill yourself. It’s summer in Beverly Hills, and that means you can happily pay someone to grill for you.